The Body Wrap



We’ll change your body, we’ll change your mind, and we’ll change your life!”

Suddenly Slender of Vienna, offers Mineral Body Wraps. Look 15 inches slimmer after just one wrap and after every wrap!  Experience the benefits of the original and most effective body wrap and reduce unwanted inches off your body. Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap has beautified men and women for over 48 years and is the solution to visibly tighten, tone, and reshape your body.

The Body Lift wrap is the top of the line of the Suddenly Slender™ Anti-Aging formulas and is well named. It is very much like a face lift for the body. It has all the benefits of the two previous anti-aging wraps plus. The very visible aging reversal and slimming effects increase with each of our wraps.

While our patrons see visible improvement with each wrap, the total cumulative effect is quite amazing over a series of wraps. Most clients begin with a series of wraps and continue till they look the age and physical size they desire. Then they go to maintenance wraps to keep them looking their very best. Age and lifestyle determine how often one would return for maintenance wraps. The average return visit is every 2 to 3 months to keep the body perfect.

Suddenly Slender body wrap products still use the original mineral formula invented by Victoria Morton almost fifty years ago. The secret is our proprietary Slendertone mineral powder. A specific combination of food grade organic minerals are mixed in heated purified water and absorbed into compression bandages which are applied over the entire body. To provide additional benefits to our clients, a customized combination of concentrates and additives can be added into the mineral solution.

Anti-Aging Wrap

This wrap is designed to visibly take off years by appearing to reverse the most obvious signs of aging, which are loose, dull, and lifeless skin. It provides elements that can make skin look younger, firming it up so wrinkles are less apparent. Helps joints feel more mobile, and back and joint discomforts less acute. Additionally, this wrap will restore the youthful appearance of a person, invigorate the body, improve health and improve skin elasticity. Many patrons also claim that the Anti-Aging wrap helps reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

Flat Tummy Additive

Use Flat Tummy an additive on ANY of our wrap solutions. It is structured to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugars and starches. Alters the appetite and assists the body in burning unwanted weight off the middle of the body.


Lipase is an enzyme that helps the body break down fat. This wrap is to be done on patron that has hard fat or needs to lose weight; this wrap is used first and must ALWAYS be followed by one of the other wraps (making it a double-wrap procedure)

Body Lift Wrap

This is the most potent anti-aging wrap. It has an even stronger effect on apparent age reduction while giving maximum results in a wrap. It is best used on patrons who have very loose and damaged skin as it will rejuvenate and reinvigorate the skin. Additionally this wrap is very successful in helping mothers who have just given birth and are looking to lose the baby-weight or people who have just ended a diet.

Power Wrap

Does all that the Anti-Aging Wrap does, plus it has materials to increase energy – it gives abundant energy. The second in the anti-aging wrap series. It is recommended that a patron be given a different wrap formula every few wraps to keep the results high.

Super Atomic Iodine/Kelp Additive

An additive to available for ALL the wraps that is a blend of the signatures of 3 different bioavailable iodine types and very pure sea kelp. Added to wrap solutions for those who have under active thyroids and are low energy and unable to lose weight normally.

Goldwater (Slendertone Wrap)

Guaranteed to make a patron look 10 to 30 inches smaller in their first wrap and it helps visibly tighten and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Like all Suddenly Slender wraps it is a sculpting wrap. This is usually the first wrap given to a new patron, people with poor health, or even babies.

Flat Tummy

When you have been fortunate enough to have experienced the Flat Tummy in your wrapping solution you need to know how to maximize your results, how to work with it. You need to pay close attention to what YOUR body wants in food and exercise.

First, There will be a distinct change in your appetite. As your body is busy burning tummy fat you have a lot of extra calories to use, you won’t feel hungry and you won’t want to eat much. Don’t just stop eating because you aren’t hungry, read the next paragraph.

Second, Pay very close attention to what your body needs, what sounds good to you. Most people notice their eating patterns change dramatically. If you want oatmeal for dinner, have oatmeal. If you find that a piece of fruit looks better to you than French fries, have the piece of fruit. If a can of tuna sounds great, have it! We have noticed that fat and sugar cravings end. If you find that your normal portions are more than you can comfortably eat, give yourself smaller portions. Don’t clean your plate because it’s there, you’ll just be miserable. It’s wise to eat slower so you don’t rush past the ‘I’m full point.”

Third, While your body is correctly utilizing sugar (instead of storing it as fat) you will have a lot more energy at your disposal. If you have a job where you sit all day, make a point of getting up every hour or so and briskly walk to another part of the area, or do something active for a few minutes, like going up and down stairs, then return to your work area. You want to use up that extra energy so you don’t have to wear it!

Fourth, notice the difference in your evenings, you won’t be grabbing a snack. if you only have a moderate desire for food, drink something. People often mistake thirst for hunger. It’s always a good idea when you are losing weight to increase your intake of liquids to flush impurities out of your system. Remember you are burning fuel, there will be a residue and you want to keep the system clean and well hydrated. Unsweetened juice, like Welch’s white grape juice, tomato juice, V8, tea or water will do that for you.

Fifth, On about the 2nd day you’ll have an urge to be more energetic, to do some form of exercise, this is the result of the increased available calories at your disposal and the proper utilization of sugars in your food. Remember almost all foods have some form of sugar in them .Go with the desire for more activity, take a walk, do jumping jacks, do any exercise that is of interest to you. Ladies do NOT do sit ups, they dramatically build round muscle in your stomach, they build a pot belly on women. Do any exercise that doesn’t make your stomach push out. Don’t overdo it, just do whatever feels correct.

Sixth, Pay attention to your depth of sleep, you won’t have a desire for food causing you to raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night. It is pleasant to realize that you are still burning fat while you sleep deeply. The effects last for 5-6 days after the Flat Tummy wrap.

Seventh, Do not go more than 5 to 6 days between wraps. The effects last for 5-6 days, if you can get in twice a week, that is ideal as you want the body to stay tight as you lose. And we want you slimming down 24/7!

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